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Nocturnal creative

Them nights where you say to yourself “I’m going to go to bed at a reasonable time (before midnight ideally, latest 2am for me), so I can be fresh tommorow” It’s now 4.11am. It never works out! I should have just stayed up and went all out! I’m trying to change my biorhythm to normal working hours but i shouldn’t fight it anymore, I’m just conforming lol. I’m feeling refreshed and clear though. I envy those people that can sleep on command but then again no-one can stay up like me blaow.

Best enjoyed in headphones. (unmastered) - The last few months i’ve been pretty quiet on the music scene, lets just say my life has been very loud. I’ve even been a few weeks at a time without making anything, this is unusual for me, but I’ve grown in the last few months, and I just feel more focused with my mind and my time. 

I’ve seen many peoples dreams become nightmares. But to each his own, because nobody can know themselves like themselves unless they quiet the noise and really take time to listen to their soul. Honestly I just want to produce great things in life, without all the extra noise. I’m tired of people talking all this talk all the time. I’m dead on social networks, thank god. Anyway this is quite a random rant, and I’m quite a random person but all my dots connect. I was going to write about this tune lol but just listen if you have a minute. Me and Andrea made this a while ago and it’s the first tune we actually made together, its not perfect but enjoy. I believe in Andrea, we got good chemistry in the studio.